International aid arrives in India, mired in Covid-19

International aid arrives in India, mired in Covid-19

Inundated by the devastating second pandemic wave, promised international aid to India began arriving with the first shipments of medical equipment and oxygen from Great Britain, on Tuesday morning April 27 in New Delhi.

India announced 352,991 new infections and 2,812 deaths on Monday, the latest in a sad streak as health workers and patient families scramble for oxygen supplies and hospital accommodations.

Meanwhile, the first shipments of British medical aid, including 100 ventilators and 95 oxygen centers, have arrived, according to the Indian Foreign Ministry. Its spokesperson, Arendam Bageshi, tweeted pictures of items being unloaded from Lufthansa’s flight in Delhi, citing an example of international cooperation.

Britain, one of many countries to declare aid at a time the healthcare system in India is overwhelmed by the outbreak of Covid-19 cases, is deploying more than 600 units of vital medical equipment.

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A total of nine air containers loaded with supplies, including 495 oxygen concentrators, 120 non-invasive respirators and 20 manual respirators, will be dispatched this week, according to the British High Commission in New Delhi.

The French aid will arrive at the end of the week

For its part, France determined the nature of its work ‘Solidarity process’ Which is scheduled to arrive in India by the end of the week. It will consist of eight medical oxygen production units per generator, and Liquefied oxygen containers – five of which will be transported initially -, making it possible to provide medical oxygen to up to 10,000 patients throughout the day as well. Those specialized medical equipment containing in particular 28 respirators, the Embassy of France identified.

The oxygen production units are permanent installations “Make it possible to make an Indian hospital autonomous in oxygen for ten years”Especially the French authorities explained.

The United States, after a Monday telephone conversation between President Joe Biden and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, pledged to provide emergency aid that includes components for vaccine production, protective equipment, rapid diagnostic tests, or even ventilators. Washington is also studying the possibility of sending oxygen supplies.

The European Union, through its European Civil Protection Mechanism, has pledged to provide a ” Help “ To India. German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced emergency aid.

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For several days, the sudden recovery of the Covid-19 pandemic has blown up the country’s health system, which has failed to stem its infernal pace. In New Delhi, employees are resorting to mass cremations to cremate the bodies of victims, which have piled up in saturated hospital mortuaries. The health facilities lack everything, the intensive care beds, oxygen, and medicines …

The country had wrongly claimed it beat the pandemic when it was barely experiencing 9,000 daily infections at the end of January. In early February, with the return of spring, an atmosphere of restlessness and recklessness reigned. It only took a few weeks between March and April for a real storm to sweep across the country.

Several countries have halted their travels with India. Australia decided, on Tuesday, to suspend flights from India until May 15, justifying this decision before “Risks” It is represented by travelers from this country, including thousands of Australian and cricket stars. Canada, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand have already suspended or restricted their air links.

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