In the UK, embarrassing Boris Johnson scandals follow

In the UK, embarrassing Boris Johnson scandals follow

Etonnant retournement d’atmosphère politique au Royaume-uni: alors que Boris Johnson avait presque réussi à faire taire les critiques sur sa gestion ratée de la crise sanitaire en 2020 grâce à une campagne vaccinale réussie, le premier ministre britannique réussie Affairs. Suspicion of lies and corruption at the highest level, Revelations have followed each other at a rate like this for several days until something is lost in it.

April 25 daily Mail Ensures that in October 2020, Boris Johnson would have fired, after a crucial Downing Street meeting, about a second confinement – issued at the end of October, for a month -, “I’d rather let the thousands of dead pile up than a new incarceration!” “ The Prime Minister strongly denied saying these words on Monday, April 26th (” This is nonsense “). But the BBC confirmed, on Monday evening, that these statements had already been issued.

This is not the first time that Johnson, a successful former journalist, has been immersed in language differences. At the start of the pandemic, for example, it would have been baptized “Operation last breathing” Urgent call to manufacture ventilators for manufacturers. But the mention of “corpse piles” was received very poorly by bereaved families, who were grouped together in the “Bereaved Families for Justice UK” group, to which dozens responded on Twitter, explaining their mothers, fathers, etc. He died from the virus “We were not just bodies.” The group, which has erected a very long “Wall of Remembrance” in the heart of London in honor of the 128,000 victims of the country’s health crisis, is calling (still in vain) for a public inquiry into managing the pandemic through Downing Street.

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Who paid for the renovation of the prime minister’s apartment at 1he is 11th Floor Downing Street? Under supervision, according to part of British media, Boris Johnson’s companion (who was inspired by interior designer Lulu Little), Carrie Symonds, This renovation would have cost as much as 200,000 pounds, while the prime minister only has a 30,000-pound envelope for his private apartments. Who made the difference? Dominic Cummings, a former special adviser to Boris Johnson, who is suspected of feeding the press on revelations in the past few days, said in an inflammatory blog April 23 that the prime minister was counting on Karam. Donors ” Who is the ‘Pay in secret’ Invoices.

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