“Interactions between athletes and researchers will set new records.”

“Interactions between athletes and researchers will set new records.”

interview – The physicist deciphers the laws of sports performance that are valid for dozens of disciplines. Many athletes will be inspired by her during the Paris Olympics.

How did American athlete Bob Beamon achieve his long jump record at the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico? By what means was Brazilian Roberto Carlos able to shoot a free kick 35 meters from the goal guarded by Fabien Barthez in 1997? The questions were answered, with a lot of pedagogical approach, by Christophe Clanné, director of research at the National Center for Scientific Research and professor at the École Polytechnique, but also the grandson of a tennis player, the son of a skater and the father of a football player, a defensive midfielder (No. 6) and two Of cyclists. He published with physicists Carolyn Cohen, Mark Vermigier, and David Kerry Olympic Physics. Sports explained with science, In Albin Michel.

Le Figaro. – What is a hero like?

Christophe Clanet. – The champion's tale is the story of the legendary long jump: at the 1968 Mexican Games, Bob Beamon improved the world record by 55 cm with a jump of 8.90 m. A parabola is also the curve followed by a body that is thrown and subjected to…

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