In the pictures, in the pictures.  A 'renewed space', the new fountains on the Esplanade were inaugurated for the Montpellier Music Festival

In the pictures, in the pictures. A 'renewed space', the new fountains on the Esplanade were inaugurated for the Montpellier Music Festival

The new fountains in Place Charles de Gaulle were inaugurated on Friday, June 21, in the presence of the Mayor of Montpellier as well as designers Henri Bava and Luc Chaise.

“Revitalize, revitalize and beautify the center of Montpellier”This is Michael Delafosse's ambition with the new fountains on Place Charles de Gaulle. Six months to the day after free transport, the fountains were opened with music, on Friday, June 21, in front of 300 people.

Low water consumption

After the installation of the new terraces, and before the announced opening of the Comédie vers Antigone, the place of fountains, in two areas: the Water Gate composed of 63 fountains that can reach a height of three meters and the Water Line and its streams 70 projections. In total, 137 water fountains were installed to delight children. Some, so curious, even dived in from the first drops. 95% recycled water will allow for consumption “less”. “We will achieve a saving of approximately 40% on old fountains that consume between 10 and 15 meters3 of water daily. Now it is two to three m3 water”explains Luc Chase, president of Belle Environnement, the company responsible for creating the fountains.

The fountains delighted the children.
Midi – Giacomo Italiano

A system with fountains will also be installed in the Max Rocket and Martyrs of the Resistance squares, during 2025, with the aim of cooling the center of Montpellier. “This reminds us of the importance of water in the Mediterranean city,” says Henri Bava, responsible for the overall design of the park and comedy project.

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The Bosc kiosk was opened within a year

With the presence of trees and various fountains, the park is supposed to help reduce the perceived temperature, especially in summer, by two to seven degrees. “We opened the Place de la Comédie in the square, we did not change the alley, we improved it, it is a refreshing place.”Henry Bava is satisfied. The process of revegetating the median will begin at the beginning of the school year with the goal “To enchant the space in another way with Mediterranean plants”The architect remembers.

Located on the side of the park, the legendary Bosc booth has been under construction since May 31, and will open on June 21, 2025, during the next music festival. In this sense, the mayor promises to complete the work by the end of 2025, that is, six months after the end of his term.

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