Intel Arc : les cartes graphiques desktop repoussées ?

Intel Arc: Putting off desktop graphics cards?

Yesterday we were dealing with the matter according to a benchmark that appeared on Geekbench regarding the graphics card Intel Arc A770. Today, we discover, via Wccftech, new information published by ” enthusiastic citizen Who in the past have already shared confidential and accurate information aboutIntel Corporation. Concretely, the latter indicates that there will be a delay in Intel’s plans to release graphics cards for desktop computers. This delay may reach the end of the second trimester or even the beginning of the third trimester. Also remember that Intel confirmed the “limited edition” card only this summer. There is no mention of the entire deck, but a specific card.

After all, as we already see for laptops, Intel GPUs may be officially available for a couple of weeks, but there is only one country where these products are actually available at the moment.

Intel Arc A770 graphics card, 16 or 12 GB of memory? We do not know

Specifically, according to enthusiastic citizenIntel can launch four desktop graphics cards with Arch A770And A750And A580 And A380. The Arc A770 is equivalent in performance to NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti. A fifth card could be present, possibly with the Arc A780. But there, the information is quite vague, because yesterday we saw via Geekbench that the Arc A770 with 12.7 GB of memory is recognized. So it is expected that it will have 16 GB and part of the memory that has been allocated to other resources. Other than that in the information we have here we are told that the A770 will have 12 GB of memory and the A780 will have 16 GB possible. In short, it is a mess and the information we have is incorrect. The popular limited edition card can be either the A780 with 16GB, or the A770 with 16GB. The “normal” Arc A770s could have 12GB of memory.

We also learn that the bow A750 448 arithmetic units (3584 FP32 cores) can be used. L ‘A580 You may use 8GB GDDR6 memory and the slowest card, which isA380It will be equivalent in performance to the AMD Radeon RX 6400.

Desktop Intel ARC Alchemist (rumored)
Bow A780 (pounds?) Arch A770 Bow A750 Arch A580 Bow A380
Xe cores
implementation units
FP32 . cores
Memory size
Memory bus

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