India's journey, the rush to the moon, new ships… – Editorial

India's journey, the rush to the moon, new ships… – Editorial

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A global overview of space projects for the coming year.

Space Year 2024 has started with a bang. Starting January 1 at 9 AM (local time), India launched a new science satellite called XPoSat. Using two measuring instruments, the probe will study the polarization of X-rays traveling through the universe, that is, the direction of the oscillations of these waves. The more we dissect the nature of the matter the better

Science advances thanks to satellites, and this year will see its share of new space missions that will enable advances and discoveries in the field of astronomy, but also the study of the Earth and its climate. But the bulk of the news will undoubtedly revolve around the moon, where a new space race is now underway. On the one hand, the United States wants to bring back the Apollo era by relying on a new ecosystem of private companies; On the other hand, new players are emerging (China, Japan, Europe). To carry out these space exploration ambitions, we must be able to rely on ships that are up to the task. Thus, 2024 will see the launch of a whole series of new machines – super-powerful rockets and transport shuttles – which will have to successfully complete their test runs. Summary of upcoming space news.

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By propelling the XPoSat satellite into orbit, India ushers in a new year that promises to double its natural resource wealth.

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