In Trump's trial, Michael Cohen continues to pressure his former boss – Liberation

In Trump's trial, Michael Cohen continues to pressure his former boss – Liberation

Stormy Daniels case.

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Under the fire of heated questioning by Donald Trump's lawyers, a key but controversial witness for New York prosecutors didn't hesitate and tried a little harder to push his former boss down.

A severe interruption of tone in the middle of the 17th day of the first criminal trial of Donald Trump, in New York. Michael Cohen, the former hit man, confidant of the former president and new nominee, was still on Tuesday, May 15, in a Manhattan courtroom, where he had appeared the day before as a key witness and hero of the so-called case. “Stormy Daniels.” However, a day and a half after revealing on velvet the most damning confessions of his ex-lover.“president” Playing the role of post-Trump repentant, Cohen himself suddenly moved from the calibrated, methodical questions of prosecutors to the muscular care of defense questioning designed to undermine his credibility.

And so he immediately found himself caught in the middle of this opening exchange with Trump's lead lawyer, Todd Blanche: “Hello Mr. Cohen, we've never met but you know who I am, right?

– Yes.

– On April 23, you went on TikTok and called me a “crying little shit,” right?

“That sounds like something I could have said.”

Delirium of love

An immediate objection from the Public Prosecution, upheld by the judge, was immediately followed by a summons to regulate the system by the latter, who does not quite understand why the lawyer would want to do so.

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