In the United States, the serious consequences of drying Lake Mead

In the United States, the serious consequences of drying Lake Mead



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In the United States, after twenty straight years of drought, the Hoover Dam, located near Las Vegas, will soon no longer be able to supply electricity to hundreds of thousands of homes, because the level of Lake Mead, which feeds it, is at an all-time low and there is no longer enough pressure to power the turbines. .

Lake Mead is one of the jewels of the great American West. It is the largest man-made water reservoir in North America. But for several years, it was also a symbol of a world going wrong. The lake just reached its lowest level since the 1930s. With global warming, the Colorado mountains receive less and less snow in the winter and in the spring the Colorado River transports less water to Lake Mead which supplies nearly 40 million Americans as well as agriculture and industries in many states.

For some residents, Las Vegas’ growth is contributing to this decline. And when the water goes down, the energy pulled The Lake Mead Dam is in danger of extinction.There is no longer enough water pressure to push it through the turbines, which are becoming less and less efficient. If we reach the water level 289 m above sea level, the dam will no longer be able to produce electricity and today we are only 317 m high.‘, explains Patti Aaron, from the office complaintUS Water Agency. Lake Mead is filled to only 30% of its capacity today.

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