In the United States, Republicans prevented the formation of a commission of inquiry into the Capitol attack

In the United States, Republicans prevented the formation of a commission of inquiry into the Capitol attack

Donald Trump won his case again. At his instigation, he banned Republican senators on Friday from forming an independent commission of inquiry dedicated to the January 6 attack on the Washington Capitol Building, led by some of his supporters.

This attack was aimed at preventing the ratification of the disputed results of the November 2020 presidential elections by the former president. The latter confirms without the slightest evidence that A. “Great food” He was denied re-election. The attack delayed ratification by only a few hours, despite the negative votes of more than a third of Republican elected officials in both houses.

A draft commission of inquiry along the lines of the one formed after the 9/11 attacks became evident after this attack, unprecedented in American history.

Every tragic event the United States has experienced, from the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 to the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963, has been followed by in-depth investigations entrusted to independent figures. After weeks of negotiations, a compromise was reached by two officials from both parties, and the Democrats eventually accepted all of the Republicans’ demands.

” What are you afraid of ? “

But Donald Trump spoke out immediately against that possibility from his exile in Maralago, Florida, opposing “The Democratic Trap.” Republicans need to get tougher and smarter, and stop being exploited by the radical left. I hope Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy listen! “, thunder. The leader of the Republican minority in the Senate and his counterpart in the House of Representatives, despite their strong criticism of the position of the former president during the events, complied after that, refusing to shed light on the attack and its sources, especially the role he played. Posted by Donald Trump on Jan.6.

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The committee’s bill passed the House stage, when a simple Democratic majority was sufficient, but it faltered in the “procrastination” of the Republicans in the Senate. In a High House divided into two equal camps of fifty electors elected by the referential vote of Vice President Kamala Harris, who is also President of the Senate, it was indeed necessary to obtain a qualified majority of sixty votes.

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