Finland investigates the leader's strong coffee breakfasts

Finland investigates the leader’s strong coffee breakfasts

Initial investigation opened against Prime Minister Sanna Marine and her expenses reports.

On Friday, Finnish police opened a preliminary investigation to determine whether the expense reports that the Finnish prime minister provided for breakfasts with her family were legal.

Sana Marin, the young head of the center-left government, has faced controversy since Al-Talti revealed on Tuesday that she was receiving up to 300 euros a month in exchange for her family’s breakfast, in order to live in official residence in Kisaranta.

Faced with the opposition making her honey from the issue, the 35-year-old leader emphasized that her ancestors had also benefited from it.

“I did not ask for this feature as prime minister, nor did I participate in the decision on it,” she said on Twitter on Friday.

“It seems that the drafting of the Ministerial Salary Law does not allow this.”

Experts, citing Finnish media, suggested that using public funds to cover initial ministerial breakfasts could violate Finnish law.

“The prime minister has been compensated for certain meals, even if the wording of the ministers’ salaries law does not seem to allow for that, “the police said in a statement.

According to her official, Superintendent Teemu Jokinen, the investigation will focus on the decisions of officials in Ms. Marin’s government and “have no connection in any way with the prime minister and her official activities.”

In the past two weeks of the local elections, the prime minister has welcomed an investigation and announced that she will forgo compensation in the meantime.

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In power since December 2019, the prime minister enjoys massive popular support due to her management of the Covid-19 epidemic in Finland, one of the least affected countries in Europe.

But opinion polls for the municipal elections on June 13 indicate an upsurge in opposition, particularly the extreme right of the Finns Party.

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