“In the restaurant until 22. Nobody will be fined,” Gilmini declares

“In the restaurant until 22. Nobody will be fined,” Gilmini declares

Minister of Regional Affairs and Self-Government, Maristella Gelmini, He explained during an interview with Prophet That you can stay for dinner in the restaurant until 10 pm and no one will be fined when you come home.

In the course of his interview, the minister addressed various political issues, and commented in particular on the recent disputes over the reopening and on the relative reopening decree, which will enter into force from tomorrow, Monday, April 26.

“More could have been done but someone wanted to do much less. The reopening is a victory for Italians. Almost all of Italy is in the yellow zone, our children are going back to school, and many economic activities start over again.” Gilmeny explained.

Then he commented on the recent disputes over not extending the curfew, which remained unchanged and was set at the previous time, i.e. at 10 pm.

There has been some controversy over the curfews and the difficulties for restaurants to provide their services in the evenings. But I want to make one point: Those who go out for dinner can quietly stay at the table until 10pm, and then, as soon as they get out of the restaurant, they go home without any risk of being penalized. ” The minister said.

Therefore, the time of the curfew can only be “breached” by those who are going to dinner at the restaurant. However, the news does not appear to be official. In fact, the government FAQ does not report any data in this regard, in the answers to the most frequently asked questions about travel, in fact, at the moment, only the scheduled return time is reported at 10 PM.

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During the interview, Gilmeni also made another important statement, always related to the curfew:The infection data is constantly improving and the vaccination campaign is now in full swing: Now we are close to 400,000 vaccinations per day. If the positive trend continues in mid-May, the curfew will change and our goal is to cancel it and reopen activities“.

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