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Hitman 3: The new limited-term contract will interest the politician

IO Interactive We announced the next fixed-term contract that our loved ones will have Agent 47. This goal It will be available for a limited time onlyThis will definitely prompt many fans to find every possible way to eliminate this elusive politician. The developer also said that all players Hitman 3 (Even those who play the free trial) can participate in this event.

IO Interactive It is the most famous of the epic Assassin, Ruthless Agent 47 It has now become an icon of the video game world, especially for stealth games. With this third installment, the development house achieved massive success and thanks to this it was able to create New studio in Spain. Now, in addition to an update Hitman 3 With various contents, it also makes custom title for James BondOr, very famously Agent 007.

In the viewfinder of our hero this time there is mrs Barbara Elizabeth Keating, Former Minister of Trade and Foreign Affairs of New Zealand and a wealthy person in general. The target is on tour, returning after being forced to resign from his position for embezzling money from her charity.

He then manipulated the yellow newspapers to blame the director of his charity, who killed her on the spot (and covered up suicide). It sure did bad enough to be worth a visitAgent 47 in this Hitman 3. This is actually the second time the lady has done Keating It was an elusive goal in the saga. Players had a first chance to defeat her in 2019.

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The politician is actually a Hawke’s Bay, Which is the smaller level of the beach mansion that it used to be Introductory Level in Hitman 2. The twist is that our target has a double body and the resemblance is strange. This will then make it more difficult to find and eliminate the right target. For general news about developers Hitman 3, We recommend This article.

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