In Spain, the Catalan Independence Party, Gents, is faltering with Pedro Sanchez

In Spain, the Catalan Independence Party, Gents, is faltering with Pedro Sanchez

Representatives of the Together for Catalonia party, present here on January 30, 2024, in Madrid, rejected the text, calling it an amnesty. “Selective and deferred.”

Javier Soriano/AFP

Some separatists did not vote in favor of the amnesty law, which was supposed to strengthen the majority.

in Madrid

The amnesty law co-authored by the Catalan separatists, which aimed to pardon crimes committed by their comrades during the failed secessionist process in 2017, was rejected on Tuesday evening by… seven Catalan separatist representatives! The cornerstone of the start of the term of the socialist Pedro Sanchez, the counterpart imposed by his troubled allies upon his installation at the head of the Spanish government last November, and which had been the subject of unimaginable negotiations for months… that ended in a bitter parliamentary failure.

By 179 votes to 171, the right (People's Party, PP), the far right (Vox) and the seven representatives of the Junts (centre-right separatists) rejected the text, in opposition to the coalition supporting the government – the Socialists (PSOE). The radical left (Somar and Podemos) and Basque, Galician and Catalan regional groups (including the other left-wing independence party, ERC). A dispute threatens the legal fate of hundreds of independence activists.

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