A fight broke out between representatives in Parliament

A fight broke out between representatives in Parliament

The Maldives Parliament was the scene of violent fighting between majority and opposition representatives.

Scenes of chaos in the Maldives Parliament. Clashes broke out between MPs on Sunday 28 January after the main opposition party, the Maldivian Democratic Party, rejected three appointments to ministerial positions requested by the government.

This refusal angered representatives of the government coalition. The latter first prevented the parliamentary session from being held by disrupting the Speaker of Parliament, and some MPs even blew vuvuzela horns, a type of loud plastic horn that became famous after the FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

Then other representatives climbed onto the podium and a violent fight broke out between the opposition representatives and the majority representatives, who quarreled.

Stormy atmosphere in the Maldives Parliament, as the majority still belongs to the former President of the Republic, who was defeated in the last elections in September 2023, reports the Overseas Channel. the first.

Videos posted on social media show at least one MP bleeding from the neck after being caught in a violent clash inside the hall.

Three days after this incident, the Minister of Justice of the Maldives was injured in his left arm after being attacked with a hammer. According to police, there is no immediate connection between these two events.

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