In New Zealand, Celine Dion makes life hell for the people of the small town of Porirua

In New Zealand, Celine Dion makes life hell for the people of the small town of Porirua

Brian Rasick/WireImage LONDON, ENGLAND – JULY 05: Celine Dion performs live at Barclaycard Presents British Summer Time Hyde Park in Hyde Park on July 5, 2019 in London, England. (Photo by Brian Rasek/WireImage)

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Celine Dion’s songs are at the heart of the conflict between the people of Porirua, a small town in New Zealand.

Music – Among the crazy competitions, I like…the one that consists of playing music at the highest volume possible. This is ridiculous? Everyone will have their own opinion, but this competition exists in New Zealand: it’s called the “Siren King”. It doesn’t just make people happy, especially because of the noise pollution it causes.

The principle is simple: the competitors – members of a local subculture made up of audiophiles – gather in town in their cars equipped with massive speakers, amplifiers and sirens to compete. The goal of these battles is to play the music as loudly as possible. day and night.

The sound quality must also be there. Therefore, big saturated bass is not welcome, unlike Celine Dion songs. the reason ? According to Paul List, one of the founders of a group that organizes mermaid fights in Auckland, who responded in an interview with New Zealand media: the offer, the Canadian singer’s music is clear, with high treble and a little bass. Significantly My heart will Go On, is the main title of the movie Titanic.

Angry residents

But in the small town of Porirua, north of the capital, Wellington, residents angry about the noise pollution caused by these competitions launched a petition demanding that the town’s municipal council ban these meetings during the night, local media reported. RNZ. The police also reported 40 incidents between the beginning of February and the beginning of October 2023.

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“Although I enjoy Celine Dion in the comfort of my living room and on my speaker, I don’t like hearing parts of her songs stop and start anytime between 7pm and 2am.”Can we read in the comments on the site

Porirua Mayor Anita Baker shares the same opinion as her city’s residents – some of whom are even considering moving: “I’m tired of mermaid fights. No matter where you are in our city, there are houses that will hear something.” Therefore it is encouraged “Clubs” The mermaids always organize their competitions in the countryside accordingly RNZ.

“They make a shrill noise.”

“There are vibrations all over the city, no matter where it happens, because we are in a basin. “It’s really frustrating.”She continues, sAccording to an article from guardian Before adding: “They play half a song, edit it on their machine and make a loud noise, so it doesn’t sound like good music. (…) I don’t mean to be mean, but it’s not even a full song. »

This competition has not always been a source of tension in Porirua. Until recently, siren battles took place in industrial areas, far from homes, and ended at ten in the evening. This year, music is blaring in the city streets. To the great dissatisfaction of its residents.

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