4 people were dismissed from BCG due to harassment

4 people were dismissed from BCG due to harassment

Anne Green, managing director and senior partner of Boston Consulting Group in Australia, told the Australian Parliament that the company fired four of its employees after they were subject to 10 internal harassment complaints (see article Local press).

“We don’t use non-disclosure agreements (Unspoken agreements) related to these topics. Using non-disclosure agreements to silence victims: We will never do thatannounced the partner.

The comments came before a parliamentary committee investigating potential conflicts of interest and ethical misconduct in consulting firms in Australia, following a scandal surrounding secret government tax data published by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

In August, McKinsey had already undertaken a somewhat unprecedented exercise in transparency, in a letter to the Finance and Public Administration Committee.

The company indicated, for example, that it had registered 15 internal complaints due to inappropriate professional behavior during the past five years.

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Layoffs and harassment: Australian Parliament exposes McKinsey

Transparency process: When questioned by an Australian Parliament inquiry in the wake of controversy over the government’s use of consultants, McKinsey had to highlight several internal HR policies it does not normally discuss, and uncover several instances of transparency breaches. Its internal code of conduct.

For its part, Boston Consulting Group has detailed how it is trying to limit often excessive working hours. BCG has 55 managing directors and partners and approximately 650 staff in Australia and New Zealand.

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