In Nantes, relive in 3D the take-off and mission of Thomas Bisquet in space

Relive the take-off and Thomas Bisquet’s mission to plunge into the Planetarium of Nantes. (© Cité de l’Espace de Toulouse)

To celebrate its 40th anniversary in a renovated building, Nantes Planetarium Presents a weekend of festivities 3 and 4 July. In order to reunite with its audience, the Planetarium will offer free sessions during these two days to discover adventure and businessFrench astronaut Thomas Pesquet.

Through this 3D Journey (20 minutes) Thanks to the immersive dome, you will be able to visit the International Space Station and discover the daily life of an astronaut in space.

Renovated Planetarium

The reopening of the planetarium, which has been closed for business for more than a year (operation cost: €435,350), was announced in the Nantes City Brief on Twitter:

The institution has renovated Waiting room and performance hall. In the room the original seating was completely replaced as were the walls and floors.

Sessions in the sky and planets

In parallel, this weekend on July 3 and 4, the Planetarium invites the audience to gather around a festive program To celebrate also its fortieth yeare Anniversary. 30 minute sessions astronomy Planets will also be proposed. It is operated directly by a moderator, in order to facilitate discussions with the public.

At the Planetarium in Nantes, 8 rue des Academes. Reopening Saturday, July 3, 1:30 p.m. Free, 20-minute, non-stop 3D sessions. Free entry for up to 59 places. without reservation. more information On the Planetarium website.

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