Finesse, perspicacité, ingéniosité. Ce ne sont pas les premiers mots qui nous viennent généralement à l’esprit lorsque nous pensons à une chèvre. Pourtant, les chercheurs l’ont déjà montré dans diverses situations, les chèvres ne sont pas si bêtes. © alenthien, Adobe Stock

Are goats as smart as dogs?

The House of Science is like a collection of stories. Beautiful stories that tell neighborhoods in all their freshness. But also in all its complexities. Arch to marvel at the treasures of the world. In this new episode, let’s take a look at the farm animal: goats.

The goats. They have been with us for thousands of years. A bit like dogs, hey! Well, who says Poultry Doesn’t necessarily say pet. Goats do not live in our living rooms. Although … Anyway, they are nevertheless among the most popular pets in the world.

On the social networksWe’re used to laughing at their grimace and antics. But, on the part of researchers, goats are rumored to be smarter than they appear. Thus they will be able to solve the problems described as complex. And remember it, even after several months.

They showed it to a group of goats who were devising a step-by-step strategy for gathering food. What drives gluttony to do … So, the goats first learned to slip the rope with their teeth. Then they press a lever with their mouths. It took them less than a dozen tries to figure out the technique – themselves please. Several months later, only two minutes to remember. a The ability to adapt to their environment Somewhat amazing. Who can explain how goats survive even in harsh environments.

From the emotional intelligence of goats

Other experiments have confirmed this. By sliding open their enclosure. While the sheep tended to hit the barrier, the goats were confused at first, only needing a few tries to find the new hatch. Another evidence of their cognitive flexibility.

But other researchers have gone further. This time, the goats were trained to lift the lid of the box for rewards. Yes, from this point of view, no change. Lure food, there is nothing like it to motivate goats. But the researchers ended up closing the aforementioned lid. And watch the goats’ reaction to this intractable problem.

Imagine that the goats, when they noticed the impasse in which they found themselves, … turned their heads towards the person next to them. He stared at her for a while longer because that person was also looking at them. As if asking for help. Evidence according to researchers that the goats were aware of the presence of this person. That they can change their behavior depending on the situation. Will goats be able to communicate with their fellow humans? Kind of like… dogs!?

and always, like dogsGoats will also be particularly attentive to our body language. They will even be able to read our feelings on our faces. Even a preference for the company of happy humans…perhaps the result of adapting to cooperative contexts. Proof that goats can also be affectionate and complicit. So the next time you’re called a goat, you’ll have a lot to say. Goats are not that stupid!

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