In Macronia, rhetoric is as big as reason - release

In Macronia, rhetoric is as big as reason – release


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COVID-19 pandemic in Francea file

Against the anti-health pass today and for the president’s re-election tomorrow, a majority is trying to pre-empt the “reasonable” camp.

An element of the feline language has crept into your newspapers, radios, and televisions this summer. The first interview was with the Secretary of State for European Affairs, Clement Bonn, in the midst of August. “We have to embody the camp of the republic, the reason and the balance that holds society.”, said in the scientist. Then said Stanislas Guerini, President of La République en Marche launch The will of his movement to incarnation “Voice of Reason and the Public Interest” While the other parties are concerned about their primaries and internal disputes. And finally, Emmanuel Macron himself, long ago Column posted by Challenges Thursday where raises a ‘A reasonable nation’ and one Conscious people.

anticipate “Mind Camp” By the president and his family is a dual sales strategy. The immediate goal: to consolidate the anti-sewage corridor by toughening the tone against their weekly mobilization, placing them in the camp of opponents of science and taking advantage of the growing popularity of the measures announced by the President of the Republic in his July 12 speech …

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