Firefly missile explodes during test flight (video)

Firefly missile explodes during test flight (video)

The conquest of space will not be smooth. While everything is being done to minimize the risk of accidents, A rocket launch always has an element of randomness. Evidence with a Firefly Alpha rocket, which cleverly missed its opening flight.

Serious technical damage

On Thursday, September 2, from Vandenberg Space Force Base, Firefly Alpha attempted to reach Earth’s orbit. Everything started fine: the reactor ignited, the machine broke off the launch pad and crossed the sound barrier.

But about two minutes after takeoff, A technical malfunction caused a chain reaction, resulting in the explosion of the missile (Fortunately uninhabited). What happened during this inaugural flight? In a statement, Firefly Aerospace stated: “It’s too early to draw any conclusions, but we’re investigating“.

One goal: to send goods into space

Make space accessible to everyone“It is the motto of Firefly Aerospace. With a mission DREAM (a mission dedicated to research and education), this company hopes to be able tosend goods in space In the near future.

In the end, the Firefly Alpha should be able to transfer a payload of 1,000 kg (equipment, satellites) into Earth’s orbit.

The company is clearly saddened by this failure, and would like to be remembered This trip allowed him to collect a large amount of data Which, once analyzed, will allow him to better understand what just happened andPrevent this kind of event from happening again.

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