In collaboration with USTHB and ETUSA: a flag for all convoys across Algiers Province

In collaboration with USTHB and ETUSA: a flag for all convoys across Algiers Province

In an innovative approach aimed at bringing science closer to citizens, the Houari Boumediene University of Science and Technology (USTHB) and the Algerian Urban and Suburban Transport Company (Etusa) have embarked on a joint initiative entitled “Science for All”.

This scientific convoy, which will take the form of a mobile bus that will be converted into a scientific and technological laboratory, aims to enhance scientific knowledge among the residents of the state of Algiers.
The official announcement of this innovative collaboration was made in a press release published by USTHB, highlighting the commitment of both institutions to democratizing access to science.

The USTHB Science Bus was scheduled to open yesterday, April 27, to mark USTHB's 50th anniversary. This ambitious initiative is part of the desire to make the university more accessible and encourage direct interaction between researchers and the general public.

In practical terms, the scientific bus will travel through various neighborhoods and public places in the state of Algiers for an entire month. Planned stops include iconic locations such as Les Sablettes and La Prisse d'Eau as well as Grands Vents and Ben Aknon parks, among others.

On board the bus will be interactive activities, scientific presentations and hands-on workshops on a variety of topics ranging from mathematics and the environment, including computer science and physics.

This initiative is not limited to scientific awareness; It also represents an opportunity for future baccalaureate graduates to discover the training offer and research opportunities offered by USTHB. In addition, it aspires to arouse the interest of younger generations in science and technology, and encourage them to develop their creative abilities and spirit of innovation.

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In short, “Science for All” represents an important step towards democratizing scientific knowledge and establishing an open and inclusive dialogue between the university and society.

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