Fumil.  The “Youth Space”, a place to live for teenagers, has finally opened

Fumil. The “Youth Space”, a place to live for teenagers, has finally opened

On Friday, April 19, at 3 p.m., Didier Caminade, President of Faumel Vallée du Haute, Yann Bihuy, Vice President in charge of Children and Youth, and Didier Balsac, Vice President in charge of Sports, inaugurated a beautiful building called Espace Jeunes, a place dedicated to teenagers. . The ceremony was attended by CAF President, Beatrice Lafitte, MSA Representative, Ane Re Cassande, Fomel Mayor, Jean-Louis Custis, elected officials, regional mayors, speakers, parents, youth and CAF agents. Municipal community.

This youth-friendly structure has been long overdue and has been embodied in this magnificent building, says Yan Bihui. It was important to combine the services: youth activities created in 2014, the sports service and the CISPD (Inter-Communal Council for Security and Delinquency Prevention). On a daily basis, it is a leisure center for teenagers and youth work camps, a meeting point, entertainment and catering, work spaces, a place for young people to live… After that, there will be training: BAFA, vocational training, first aid etc. It is a place for awareness and prevention (digital, tobacco, alcohol, addiction). “A place where education and entertainment take on their full meaning,” says Yan Beihui.

President Wayan Bihui thanks all union partners, from the public and private sectors, and agents. They thank the famous chef Michele Fico who came to share his passion with the young people for a week. They made delicious desserts and drinks. Eyes and taste buds are waiting for you! We were also treated to a demonstration by Yamakase. 14 teenagers participated in one of the “Youth Projects” and received a check for €80 from Didier Balsac.

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A very beautiful place where education and entertainment take their full meaning.

For more information, discover Espace Jeunes at 26 rue Charles de Gaulle, phone 05 53 01 47 48 or 07 57 54 21 15 or their Facebook page.

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