In an email, Professor Delfresi said he was under “political pressure” over hydroxychloroquine

Several US media broadcast several emails sent by Dr. Anthony Fauci, US presidential advisor on the pandemic, between January and June 2020. Among them, an exchange between the American immunologist and Jean-François Delfraissy, initially. The Covid-19 crisis in France.

In recent days, Dr. Anthony Fauci’s name has come to the fore. Many American media in particular BuzzFeed News, The Washington Post or CNN, several thousand pages containing emails sent by the American immunologist, chosen by Donald Trump to advise the US presidency on the COVID-19 pandemic, circulated between January and June 2020.

These media have taken legal action on the basis of the Freedom of Information Act, which dates back to 1996, which allows any citizen to obtain administrative documents in the name of the right to information, as explained This article is from Scientist.

Lack of tests, packages, hydroxychloroquine…

In the middle of this collection of information, the name of Professor Jean-François Delfraissy appears on page 1841 of the documents he distributed BuzzFeed News. In this email, the French doctor Anthony Fauci announced that he has “returned to service since the Covid-19 health crisis that struck France”, and heads the Scientific Council, which issues recommendations to the government on the topic of managing epidemics.

In this exchange, it is due, among other things, to the “limited number of tests” available in France, which prevents the government from adopting a South Korean strategy to test its population on a large scale. He also explained that the country would go through a “difficult phase” due to the lack of intensive care beds “in certain parts of France”.

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Jean-François Delfraisse speaks, above all, of “the uproar of the media since Dr. Didier Raoult announced the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine”.

“His data are not particularly convincing,” says Professor Delfrisi. “We can see a somewhat positive signal, but it needs to be confirmed by a well-conducted randomized trial,” he wrote in his email. He also notes that studies are underway on this treatment, before revealing that he felt “enormous political pressure to allow hydroxychloroquine and give it to everyone.” “But I resist,” the doctor confirms.

All kinds of pressure

On Thursday evening, a relative of Jean-Francois Delfraissy told BFMTV that the latter remembers these emails with Dr. Anthony Fauci.

According to this source, “We must remember the context of the time, with pressure from all sides to liberalize the use of hydroxychloroquine: intellectuals on the right and left, politicians who claimed to have rescued or reported on friends who dealt with this treatment…”

The sentence: “But I am currently resisting” (“But I am currently resisting,” in English) “should therefore be put in this context.” The same source concludes that he “declares that he has resisted all kinds of pressure, including political pressure.”

Clement Bhutan and Margo de Fruville

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