In the midst of the fields, a gigantic crater of unknown origin has appeared that worries an entire city - the evening version of western France

In the midst of the fields, a gigantic crater of unknown origin has appeared that worries an entire city – the evening version of western France

A giant hole appeared in farmland on the edge of Santa Maria Zacatepec, Mexico. A city located only a hundred kilometers from the country’s capital: Mexico City. The chasm, which appeared at the end of May, continues to widen. Now he threatens to swallow up a neighboring house.

(Map: Western France)

The chasm is dizzying the more it gets wider! In Santa Maria Zacatepec, a town 119 kilometers from Mexico City, the capital of MexicoOn Saturday, May 29, 2021, the Earth suddenly collapsed.

What was initially a “small” hole seen in a farm estate on the edge of a town soon turned into a giant hole.

Its diameter, originally five meters, has grown to “30 meters”,and then “60 meters” Pounds May 31. “The power of the authorities [le 1er juin] It reached 80 meters »news channel reports euronews, on his website.

In terms of depth, the bore also doesn’t do half-gauge. The chasm is sinking for “20 meters” State Governor Miguel Barbosa Huerta said at a press conference on May 31 that it is below sea level. In addition, you need to know more about it.

Residents and curious people are turned away from the abyss depicted at the end of May. (Photo: Jose Castaneres/AFP)

According to Paola Rojas, a Mexican journalist who follows a lot on social networks, the diameter has now reached 100 metres.

Rapid expansion threatens a house located on the same farmland. As a precaution, Mexican authorities have evacuated the house. If no one is hurt, the residents and spectators will be nonetheless “keep a distance” By the police, the US TV channel indicates CNN.

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What is its origin?

According to Beatriz Manrique, environmental director for the Mexico City region, there are two factors at the origin of this phenomenon. “We think it could be related to the weakness of the field because the whole area is cultivated and also the groundwater is being extracted.”, she told CNN. would be “weaker solid basement”.

At the same time, many specialists from the National Water Commission of Mexico are investigating to find out why this hole appeared. Job may require up to “30 days” Investigations defines the American series.

Faced with the widening of the pit, the nearest house was evacuated as a precaution. (Photo: Jose Castaneres/AFP)

However, an exceptional phenomenon, this crater formation, the landslide also called a sinkhole, is not a unique case.

In the past, many other similar phenomena have been recorded around the world, such as Guatemala, China, Canada, Germany

Serial conversions

The emergence of this stream has also inspired many Internet users. The latter did not hesitate to share their results, with a lot of humor, on social networks, Twitter in mind.

The pit is said to be the gateway to the giant fictional robot Grendizer.

Others see it as a mud bath for the ghoul Shrek, the hero of the cinematic saga of the same name.

Are aliens not behind all this in the end?

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