Improvements for PS5, PS4 and Aloy versions -

Improvements for PS5, PS4 and Aloy versions –

Forbidden horizon west You will take advantage of the abilities PS5 To push us into a wider, more exciting and detailed world, but these improvements will also be reflected in the character aloy and version PS4 It will not be outdone.

After talking about Aloy’s development in Horizon Forbidden West, the developers of Guerrilla Games explained how PlayStation 5 It allowed the team to achieve unprecedented results, while not excluding the former flagship of Sony from the equation.

The main character artist explained, “Each generation of consoles provides the extra power we need to create character models that are denser in polygons and with more detailed surfaces, shapes, textures, and materials, to name a few.” Ramis.

“The new PlayStation 5 hardware doesn’t just improve the visual aspect – we’ve also increased the number of seams into the models to further improve facial distortions and expressions, creating more realistic and realistic characters. Overall, it’s a dream come true for many. For us gamers like developers. !”

“We developed and tested the game simultaneously on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, just to make sure that PlayStation 4 players can enjoy an equally immersive experience,” Ramis said of the nature of the joint venture.

“After Horizon Zero Dawn (review here), we knew there were still resources to exploit to increase the realism and quality of our characters. It was great for us to be able to leverage this knowledge and skills to develop the sequel.”

Horizon Forbidden West, Aloy standing in front of the game scenario

“From a technical point of view, Horizon Forbidden West greatly benefits from what has already been achieved in Horizon Zero Dawn,” continued the artist of the main character, as he will provide interesting details about the technical development of the polygonal model of the hero.

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“The most obvious differences and improvements for Aloy, in terms of technology, are greater precision in facial expressions and body movements, with more realistic shapes and more detailed character surfaces, as well as increased polygonal density to give the clothing a more literal and lively appearance.”

Horizon Forbidden West, Aloy prepares to face a huge damaged machine
Horizon Forbidden West, Aloy prepares to face a huge damaged machine

Speaking of clothes, Horizon Forbidden West will offer a wide range of costumes for Aloy. In the aftermath of the first game, these features allow you to protect yourself from dangers and can be purchased by merchants, if not redeemed directly in the game world.

New in the costumes is the fact that each of them in Horizon Forbidden West has pre-set abilities, so you can improve your abilities in many different ways.

The new and improved skill set allows you to fully upgrade these skills, a feature we will talk about at another time…

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