Il compleanno è di Google, lo sconto del 20% sullo store è per voi (aggiornato: fino al 23%!)

Google Christmas, 20% Off Store For You (Updated: Up to 23%!)

Today, September 27And Google is 23 years old (net of some inconsistencies in the date of the festivities) and to celebrate his birthday there is a great discount from 20% on Google Store. To take advantage of the offer, which will be valid until 01:00 on September 28, simply enter the code “GOOGLEBDAY“During the payment. But beware, because there are products excluded from the offer:

  • Chromecast con Google TV
  • live hello
  • Nest indoor camera
  • FitBit Charge 5
  • FitBit Charge 4 Tracker

You will not be able to get any discount on all these devices, which does not leave us with a lot of options, given the lack of the Italian Google store compared to the foreign ones.

Anyway, between Pixel 4a phoneVarious devices nest (axis)And Google Wifi why not) stadiaYou may find something interesting to you. And it doesn’t stop there!

Google already has Other hidden discounts Somewhere in the store – so be sure to check it out for more birthday gifts.

Update 09/27/2021

Does 20% off sound cheap to you? How about 23%? It doesn’t change much, but it’s still something more, and now we explain how to get it.

He. She 23% off It is actually available with a different code than the one we mentioned above, 23- Nada, but it is not available for all products but only for the following trio of products:

At the moment we haven’t found any other discounts other than that, but if you’re more lucky than us, please let us know in the comments space. We remind you that they terms and conditions

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