Image with caption – Flowers of Evil · Inserm, Science for Health

Image with caption – Flowers of Evil · Inserm, Science for Health

In Toulouse team Inserm To better understand ovarian cancers and the processes that can lead to metastasis. Goal: Improve patient care.

Article can be found in Inserm issue 61

Ovarian cancer cells © Romina D'angelo/SigDYN/CRCT/IUCT-O/CNRS Images

These narcotic bubbles, taken out of context, charm our childish souls. Far be it from us to imagine their dark fate. However, these pink balls are actually clusters of transient cancer cells that spontaneously assemble. They originate from ovarian cancer, and are found floating in the cavity fluid. Breton Which preserves and contains the organs in the abdomen, including the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, digestive tract, uterus and ovaries in women. Like pollen grains, these streams carry these migrating bubbles of malignant cells to settle in other organs and are often synonymous with an advanced stage of the disease.

Romina D'Angelo, a 3D fluorescence imaging specialist and engineer at Inserm at the Toulouse Cancer Research Center, took images of the structure of these ominous clusters in order to better understand the arrangement of the different components. The organization and morphology as well as the expression of structural and biological markers, here colored with fluorescence, of the “flowers of evil” can predict their ability to associate with other locations, thus providing information about their dispersal properties.She explained. The difficulty lies in obtaining 3D images with the resolution that allows us to see what is happening in the cells brilliantly. »

These images aim to better understand the metastatic process, but also to accurately characterize cancers that do not have metastasis. Biopsy To improve diagnosis and prognosis, and to offer personalized treatment. Each year, ovarian cancer affects around 5,300 women in France. It is the most dangerous type of female cancer.

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Romina D'Angelo is a research engineer on the team. They will find