“I'm really jealous,” Palworld players build bases, each crazier than the last

“I'm really jealous,” Palworld players build bases, each crazier than the last

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Palworld became the game that appeared at the beginning of 2024. If it owes its popularity in part to the connections that the public makes with the Pokémon saga, the Pocket Pair title offers solid content, and pitfalls are avoided in many gameplay sections. . The building feature for example, which is often the weak point of Sloppy Survival, has good consistency with Palworld. Without being too indulgent, it allows us to build beautiful things, and A week after the game's release, the community already has some great architects !

Entire cities rise from the ground

For most players, the main thing is not to build on Palworld. Despite its Survival tag, the game has a base camp from which you can carry out your adventure. But other fans clearly have luxurious taste, and just want to sleep in villages full of magic and where life is good.

High walls to try to survive!

Having a beautiful home is a good thing, but if it starts to smoke at the slightest glitch, it's unfortunate. Some fans focus on practicality rather than architectural aesthetics. For them, the best foundations are the ones that really protect.

A little practical information: If you choose a really solid fortified city, Always prefer stone over wood in your constructions ! Otherwise you risk getting a nasty surprise when Pal Feu enters your home…

The feature is still primitive

Do these elaborate villages fascinate you? In fact, they owe more to the creativity of their engineers than to the game's design palette, which is quite skimpy, and sometimes incomplete at points. Fortunately, the community can be relied upon to find ways around the restrictions. Some Redditors, for example, highlighted wooden benches, which allow you to build beautiful railings, and You can even stack them to make spiral staircases !

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