Fortnite is coming back to the iPhone in 2024, but without the App Store

Fortnite is coming back to the iPhone in 2024, but without the App Store

This shift is a big change, not just for Epic Games and Apple, but for the entire mobile app world.

It's official, Fortnite will officially be returning to the iPhone in 2024 (the game has been kicked from the App Store). And you know what? This is all thanks to a 180 degree shift in Apple's policies that align with the new EU rules.

Epic Games, the publisher of Fortnite, has announced that it will launch its own App Store on iPhone, just like it did on Android.

This news comes after a long legal battle between Epic Games, Apple, and Google over the popular App Store and Play Store commissions.

In fact, Apple just revised its App Store policy. Now they're leaving the door open for third-party app stores on iOS devices. This is a big change from before, where only the Apple App Store was allowed, with commissions that made people groan.

Epic Games isn't wasting any time

Epic Games is not wasting any time Announces plans to launch its own alternative App Store on iPhone. This means that they will be able to offer Fortnite directly to iPhone users, without going through the App Store and without paying Apple's famous commissions.

Until now, only indirect means have allowed you to play Fortnite on iPhone, like cloud gaming for example.

For Fortnite fans, this is great news! After being locked out of the game on iPhone due to a struggle over commissions, they will finally be able to get back into the action. Epic Games is offering them a new way to play Fortnite, directly through their alternative store.

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Fortnite's return may inspire other developers to follow the same path

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