“I was a puppet of the system.”

“I was a puppet of the system.”

Long-time national player Tapia Kimi has accused the German Football Association (DFB) of lacking the will to reform after the DFB Women’s World Cup.

“I don’t feel that the association wants to change something from within. And suggestions from outside are forbidden. The fear of losing power is too great for officials to bear. “International experience will also be very good for Germany,” the Olympic champion wrote in her column on the news portal. T online. She is currently working for ZDF as a TV expert.

In the DFB team, she lost a decisive spirit at the World Cups in Australia and New Zealand, where Germany had already finished in the qualifying round – as Almuth Schulte at Euro 2022. “Almut is a player of enormous quality who will help the DFB. She has always been a player who talks Aloud “. The 31-year-old added that a player who “addresses and expresses grievances clearly and unequivocally has been missing at this World Cup”.

It’s hard to say “Where exactly are we in German football. It’s the big questions that bother me: Who in the DFB should I really believe? Where is the absolute transparency? How will the world’s most heavily indebted league position itself in the future?”

During the World Cup, Kimi sometimes felt “like he was in the wrong movie” about the German Football Association. The pressure you are under in the association is enormous. This DFB complex does something for you. And I am glad that at some point I realized that I am a puppet of the system.

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