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How to Increase Backpack Space in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is quite different from the previous entries in the Borderlands series, but one feature that it maintains is its focus on loot. For this reason, player inventories can fill up quickly. Players who want to increase their carrying capacity can do so by finding the blacksmith located in Brightov. She is the NPC responsible for the upgrades and capacity in this entry in the Borderlands franchise.

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Where can you increase backpack storage?

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Once the blacksmith is found, players must head to the upgrade table in the Brighthoof blacksmith’s area. They can purchase the upgrade from this board after speaking with the blacksmith for the first time.

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The first upgrade players choose from the upgrade scheme is free. Then, prices may vary but increase after each purchase, making each subsequent upgrade more expensive than the previous one. Players can only find the blacksmith and his upgrade table after the Brighthoof is restored. This is done while the story is progressing, so if it hasn’t done yet, players should keep playing through the story.

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