How to get feather band skins in Fortnite

How to get feather band skins in Fortnite

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Three new Feathered Band skins have arrived in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1, including Sergeant Mallard, Rushine, Tex the Flamingo, and associated cosmetics. Here's how to get all these clothes.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 is in full swing with new additions, updates, and many skins and cosmetics joining the game.

From TMNT and Peter Griffin to Solid Snake and Raiden from Metal Gear Solid, there have been plenty of new releases this season for players who want to expand their clothing collection.

The skin pack that has been long-awaited by the community after the leaks is the Feathered Band pack. This includes three figures of Sergeant Colvert, Rushine and Tex the Flamingo which are all added in their own LEGO styles. Without forgetting cosmetics, of course, the same topic.

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So, here's how to get all the skins and cosmetics from the Feathered Band pack in Fortnite.

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Skins and cosmetics from the Feathered Band pack in Fortnite

How to get all skins in the Feathered Band Pack

To get the Feathered Band skins and associated cosmetics in Fortnite, you will need to purchase the Master Pack or individual skins from the in-game store.

Make sure you have enough V-Bucks before making your purchase.

The three bird skins and associated cosmetics are part of the Feathered Band collection. You have five different options to choose from in the store. Here are all those options below:

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We recommend choosing the Feathered Band bundle, which offers the best value for money and includes all available outfits and cosmetics. However, if you want a specific look, this option is also good because it also provides you with a backpack and LEGO Fortnite theme.

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