How to get cotton candy in Palworld

How to get cotton candy in Palworld

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Want to know the easiest way to get cotton candy for you and your friends? So here are the best tips and tricks to easily get cotton candy in Palworld.

Players around the world loved Palworld, a game about finding and capturing the strongest and coolest friends, like Digtoise and Jetragon.

However, even the best friends in Palworld need food to stay healthy. Food is easy to find early in the game, and all players have to do to get a steady supply is grow berries.

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However, berries only fill a small percentage of the food bar. So you should quickly turn to making food that fills more hunger bar.

Cotton candy is a food in Palworld that fills a large portion of your hunger bar, doesn't expire, and even improves your friends' health. Here's how you can get it.

Pocket pair

Woollypop in Ballworld

The easiest way to get cotton candy in Palworld

Cotton candy is a food item produced by the Ball Woollypop Company. Woolipop is a non-elemental type that can be picked up or found near the Swordmaster's Sealed World while fast traveling.

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Method 1

  • Yasser or killing Woollypop
  • This guarantees you a drop of Dad's beard Do pal, but it may take some time.
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Method 2

  • arrive to Level 5 And he opened farm since Technology list
  • hiring Woollypop in farm
  • Woolipop will then begin production Dad's beard Without any intervention on your part

This method is the easiest way to get cotton candy. You can go on adventures to find high-level friends and defeat bosses, while Woolipop works hard at your base to produce Cotton Candy for you.

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