How Science Betrayed Jonathan Daval

How Science Betrayed Jonathan Daval

The one who all thought he was a sad widower will eventually prove to be in the eyes of public opinion a cold, manipulative killer. Find out how science enabled researchers to challenge Jonathan Daval, Sentenced to 25 years in prison To kill his wife Alexia was found charred in the woods.

The October 28, 2017, a call for witnesses has been issued after Alexia Daval went missing while jogging in Hot Sauna. Two days later, her charred body was found hidden under the branches, in the wood of Velet-Esmoulin near Gray, several kilometers down the road she normally takes.

For weeks, investigators have been collecting evidence but no suspects have been arrested. its just January 29, 2018 That jogger’s husband Jonathan Daval is in custody.

What are the clues that led to Jonathan?

The day after Alexia Daval disappeared, her husband introduced Scratches on the forearms. also missing paper In the closet of the couple was found wrapped around Alexia’s body.

The element that would end up crushing Jonathan would be a GPS beacon mounted on his truck. Thanks to her, investigators will discover that the car was transported on the night of the crime, from Daval’s house, to the place where the body was discovered. The head of the Communications Network Experience Unit at the Criminal Research Institute of the National Gendarmerie was able to trace the path of the computer scientist that night with the technology Monitor net detection of relay antennas.

“The car does not move on its own. This GPS beacon works using mobile radio waves, so it is always in contact with the best relay. She let us know which antennas she passed throughThanks to dedicated software, he was able to trace the potential path of Jonathan Daval to identifying the relay antennas that were triggered in his lane.” It has been confirmed that some relays have been connected by the beacon. It corresponds to being thereThe official said.

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Jonathan Daval was caught in the evidence, and he finally confessed the day after his arrest.

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