How do they live the golden point rule in New Zealand?  Super Rugby - RugbyMate

How do they live the golden point rule in New Zealand? Super Rugby – RugbyMate

With the new season of Super Rugby Aotearoa, the Golden Point base was born too. This innovation was taken from Rugby League, where it was established, and also gave the first victory in competition history to the Chiefs who, by using this rule, were able to defeat the Highlnders.

It is about scoring even a free kick in overtime to give victory, in other words whoever scores first wins. This possibility has never been considered in Rugby Union, but fans are enjoying it. Damian McKinsey and took advantage of a free kick from 50 meters against Higlanders and David Haveli, who judged the Hurricanes low in the 82nd minute, unleashing the happiness of the crowd of the Crusaders.

So the League has brought us this lovely, emotional modernity, but not everyone agrees because critics of al-Qaeda see these two systems in a completely different way.

This rule is not particularly common because the average penalties taken in XIII is 5.5, while the one in Super Rugby is 9.3 per team at 80 ‘. However, draws are very little in relation to the matches played, but in recent times they are increasing.

At the end of the discussion we can say that every amendment to the system brings arguments to the protests, but it is clear that a large number of the masses like this rule because it gives sentiment.

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