5 Reasons Why People Are Watching Esports

Esports, otherwise known as electronic sports, features live coverage of players participating in video game tournaments. These tournaments have become a popular spectator sport.

According to Newzoo, the number of people expected to watch esports this year will rise by 9% to 474 million. With the industry’s revenue increasing by 15% to $1bn US dollars.

The popularity of esports is predicted to rise in the years to come, too. Forecasts indicate viewer numbers will increase by 2024 to 577 million and revenue to $1.6 billion.

For a brief overview of why esports is gaining a large amount of traction worldwide and captivating the interest and attention of many, find out more below.

Dreams of Becoming an Esports Pro

Dreams of becoming a full-time gamer, winning tournaments, status and cash, are what keeps some players hooked on esports.

After all, esports stars are some of the wealthiest people around.

For instance, Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf won $3.2 million in a fortnight competition in 2019. And Johan “Notail” Sundstein earned a life-changing $6.9 million at The International in the same year.

Many countries across the world are home to talented e-athletes. New Zealand in particular is home to several high-winning Esports players, online casino JackpotCity has compiled a list of the best players who are currently climbing their way to fame.

Level Playing Field

Regardless of a player’s height, weight, social status, age, gender, location, or culture, anyone can compete and excel on a level playing field in the esports gaming arena.

The democratic nature of esports is another contributing factor that has caused a rise in interest.

More Platforms Offering Esports Coverage

Online platforms such as Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube have improved accessibility to esports events and gamers, increasing exposure to and attracting more viewers.

Twitch esports streamers can offer live coverage of esports events. While also allowing viewers to see the player in action while playing from home.

The Pandemic Causes a Surge in Popularity

Last year’s pandemic undeniably bumped up the sector’s popularity and followers.

With more people working and spending time in their abodes, home-based activities were a must for most, and Esports caught the attention of many.

As a result, last year, the esports sector accrued a 10% growth in viewership, entertaining 435.9 million people worldwide, up from 397 million in the previous year.

Sports Professionals Pick-Up the Controller

Most sporting professionals couldn’t head to the stadium, courts, racetrack, or arena to play their regular tournaments last year.

However, many sports professionals were propositioned and enticed to play in their profession online instead.

Former professional Formula ford driver Carroll acknowledged the pandemic brought several real-life professional drivers to race against esports drivers.

Explaining the experience was brilliant. The views grew, and now more people have had their eyes opened to the industry.

Esports expert Bailey Morrow at Silicon Valley Bank explained to the BBC he is confident the interest in esports shall continue over the coming year. Explaining 5G will enhance mobile streaming and esports coverage, and celebs such as Will Smith and Michael Jordan are beginning to invest.

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