How AMD wants to triple your gaming performance and replace Nvidia’s DLSS

How AMD wants to triple your gaming performance and replace Nvidia’s DLSS

On the sidelines of Gamescom 2023, AMD finally revealed information about FSR 3, its competing technology to Nvidia’s DLSS. And we can say that the manufacturer did not back down. But will that be enough?

Source: AMD

Announced last year during the RX 7000 graphics card showcase, AMD’s long-awaited FidelityFX Supersolution (FSR) version 3 release was here. This new version was an answer to its competitor DLSS 3 and in particular to its main feature, Frame generation. AMD version, titled here Liquid Motion Framesis a different form of his other techniques, AMD Fluid Motion videowhich added additional frames to the video content, such as intelligent frame interpolation.

Overview of FSR3 Performance Gains in Forspoken // Source: AMD

AMD revealed initial support for two games when this new version was released: abandoned And Immortals of Avium. The first had a complicated release at the beginning of the year, to say the least, but had a certain arc of salvation after the successive patches it had received. During the presentation, the FSR3 contribution allowed the game to go up to 122 FPS in 4K resolution and effects. Ray tracing max, vs. 36 fps with the option deactivated. That’s a very large gain of close to 340%, plus workUpgrade of cucumber Super resolution At the heart of technology. Patches containing FSR3 for these two games should arrive in early fall.

Is FSR3 missing from Starfield at launch?

Even more surprising are the games that weren’t introduced with the announcement of this new version of FSR, and one in particular: starfield. Already this summer, AMD announced with great fanfare an exclusive partnership with Besthesda’s space RPG, which is expected to be released on September 6th. This announcement caused an uproar because it implied the absence of Nvidia’s DLSS in the game, which caused an uproar from gamers and specialized media. So, the most awaited game of the year wouldn’t have FSR3 when it was released? Very likely.

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Future games that support FSR3 at launch // Source: AMD

The manufacturer took the opportunity to recall its technology opening: FSR3 will be compatible with older generations of Radeon graphics cards, including the RX 6000 and earlier. Above all, his version of Frame generation It will also be compatible with its competitors’ GPUs, here Nvidia and GeForce (RTX 20th generation minimum), Intel and their Arc models. Nvidia is indeed the target first here while the brand is specifically reserving the latest version of DLSS and its image generation technology for owners of RTX 4000 cards.

Finally, as aanother thingAMD announced that FSR3 should be compatible with all DirectX 11 and DirectX 12 games as long as you have an AMD card. The solution should already be integrated into HYPR-RX, the manufacturer’s answer to Nvidia Reflex, which will make it possible in particular to significantly reduce latency while increasing performance in some cases. The brand will integrate the functionality into its beta versions in the first quarter of 2024, so you’ll have to be patient.

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