After photos, WhatsApp now works in HD on videos, but with a bit of a letdown

After photos, WhatsApp now works in HD on videos, but with a bit of a letdown

After the photos, these are the videos that you can send in HD on WhatsApp. However, with a small limitation.

WhatsApp // Source: Photo by Dima Solomin on Unsplash

Meta announced it last week: WhatsApp will allow you to share HD videos on its service. After starting to roll out the so-called ‘No Data Loss’ option for sending photos, the option is now available for videos.

Sending HD video is finally possible on WhatsApp

This was a major limitation of the service: video sharing was until now limited to a maximum definition of 480p. Since our smartphones can shoot at a much higher quality these days, Meta needed to update WhatsApp to move into the HD era.

As for sharing photos, you’ll be able to tap the small “HD” icon at the top of the window to send your video and choose the quality of the content. You will therefore have the choice between Standard Quality and HD Quality, and the application will then indicate the file definition and file size for each of the options. The recipient will always have a choice between receiving the standard version or the high definition file.

New option given when sending videos // Source: Frandroid

Note that this new feature will allow you to send videos with a maximum resolution of 720p, i.e. 1280 x 720 pixels. It’s actually better, but it falls a little short of the 1080p standard and is far from the future of 4K. But to watch WhatsApp videos on your smartphone, we imagine this will be enough.

Sending HD videos on WhatsApp should be available for all iOS and Android devices now that the app is updated.

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