“House of the Dragon”: this is where the new Game of Thrones series was filmed – News 2022

“House of the Dragon”: this is where the new Game of Thrones series was filmed – News 2022

At the start of the new fantasy series “House of the Dragon” we show you here where the “Game of Thrones” spin-off was filmed. Are filming locations suitable for the upcoming holiday?

Diverse landscapes were already a part of Game of Thrones in order to get a strong sense of landscape. Long coastlines, rocky sections, vast mountain ranges. But unlike the Lord of the Rings films, these fantasy titles are not filmed in New Zealand. In the video, you get an impression of which parts of the world await you in “House of the Dragon” and which places you may already know from the original series:

House of the Dragon: Complete Guide to Filming Locations

Let’s start in Great Britain: Cornwall provides the perfect bay for the area near King’s Landing with a section of the southwest peninsula. The island of St. Michael’s Mount is also on the southwestern tip of England and has also been used as a filming location. In addition to the impressive exterior shots, Warner Bros. Studios in Leavesden has also been used as a set, known as the indoor movie location for the “Harry Potter” film series. To get you in the mood, here’s the German trailer again:

House of the Dragon final movie (2022)

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of the historic Old Town of Cácere in Spain conveys a whole different vibe. In the video above, a look at the city will instantly remind you of GoT’s latest season, which was also filmed there. There is more of a medieval atmosphere in Portugal’s Aldeias Historicas. These are twelve historically preserved villages, of which the ruined castle near Monsanto in particular served as the setting for some of the “House of the Dragon” scenes.


From August 22, 2022, “House of the Dragon” will be played exclusively on the WOW streaming service in Germany and then on Sky Q on demand, as well as on Sky Atlantic at 8:15pm. The series begins with us right after its US premiere on HBO.

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