HopToDesk – Free remote computer control solution

HopToDesk – Free remote computer control solution

Let me introduce you com.hopToDeska remote desktop solution that’s not only free, but also available on all your favorite platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and Raspberry Pi.

Have you perhaps already had to help a loved one who is a complete beginner, on the other side of France?

Or have you found yourself stuck on vacation without being able to access an important document left on your office computer?


But that was before because now you know HopToDesk.

com.hopToDesk It was designed to be Believe With full encryption of network traffic, ensuring that all data transferred between devices is protected and cannot be intercepted by curious criminals.

Edit: Korben.info reader Thibault just informed me that HopToDesk was a complete fork of RustDesk which I already talked to you about. However, the relationship between the two projects does not seem to be good since HopToDesk would have acquired the RustDesk code without usage license notices. You will find more information here And there.

It also has live chatwhich means you can chat with your colleagues or friends directly from the program, making it easier to collaborate and solve problems quickly.

Another great feature of HopToDesk is File Transfer Which allows documents to be transferred between your local computer and the device you access remotely. This way, you will no longer need to bother going through an online storage service.

To test this, simply go to The official website of HopToDesk Download the app on your preferred platform (Mac/Windows/Linux/Android/iOS…etc).

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