Free download now available on Steam for a limited time!

The long-awaited moment has finally arrived. Well almost. Ghostrunner 2 is about to launch, which will make fans very happy, but if waiting a few more days seems like too much for you, you can always download the demo on Steam.

Taking place a year after the events of the first game, Cyberpunk’s free download comes into play with even more brutality. We can say that it is this carnage that makes the franchise such a success with fans, as well as the fast-paced, adrenaline-filled story, where the action never stops. According to its fans, ‘Ghostrunner rock’ is great – but will the same be true for its sequel?

Enjoy the intensity of the Ghostrunner 2 demo!

There is no ruling yet on this issue, which is understandable since the game has not yet been released. However, even if there are still a few days before its release, those who have tried the demo are optimistic, going straight back to the excitement they have been waiting for since the end of the first game. Games like Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty certainly filled that void, especially in terms of “heartbreaking drama,” but the brutality of Ghostrunner was truly unrivaled.

“The demo is wild, and looks like an 8.5 or 9/10 game to me,” said one Redditor, while another was more specific about their love for the upcoming first-person shooter: “Personally, I loved it [la démo]. I’m concerned that the ability to block and dodge might make the game too easy, but the beta was still quite difficult, and overall, OG Ghostrunner was probably a little too difficult for most people. »

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“I definitely had some parts that frustrated me even though I liked it overall. I also loved the motorcycle scene, it was very fast. Ghostrunner 2 will be one of the best games of the year for me without a doubt.”

It seems like everything still has to be played out. And with October 26 just days away, it won’t be long before fan opinions start spreading in earnest. Want to dive right into the action? You can pre-order Ghostrunner 2 now, with Deluxe and Brutal Editions available in addition to the base game.

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