Here is the download link -

Here is the download link –

Starting today, December 14, 2021, you can get a free copy of Riemann OriginsUbisoft platform game. The game is free on PC, specifically through Ubisoft Connect. You have until December 22.

To download Rayman Origins, all you have to do is go To this page of the Ubisoft website.

the Ubisoft Connect Official Website It reads: “Get your free copy of Rayman Origins on PC Ubisoft Connect before December 22nd! Play Rayman Origins and discover or rediscover this magical universe and legendary 2D gameplay that has won the hearts of millions of fans… You can download your free game on Ubisoft Connect PC from 2pm on December 14th to 10pm on December 22nd (local time) and you can play it at any time!”

Riemann Origins

In our review of Rayman Origins, we made it clear to you: “Rayman Origins is a title capable of giving not only much-needed satisfaction to those who have been waiting for the Eggplant Man to return in 2D for years, but also an exceptional platform game from a multiplayer point of view, with A balance that makes it enjoyable even for those who don’t have much experience with the board or with the genre.You can’t make a bigger mistake than thinking of this title as a “mini-game” that would have made a better impression on WiiWare, Xbox Live, or PSN: Given what Boasting high-quality content and graphics that can’t fail to please anyone’s eyes, Rayman Origins is undoubtedly one of the best platformers in recent times.”

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