GameStop Double Restock Coming Soon!

GameStop Double Restock Coming Soon!

To celebrate the approaching Christmas GameStop doubles this time with not one but two remasters dedicated to PlayStation 5 and X-Box Series XThat will arrive in a few hours!

The occasion, as it has already happened in the past few weeks, is the afternoon’s GameStop TV live event, but this time there will be a double drop! actually You will have the opportunity to bring back both PlayStation 5 and X-Box Series X. The live broadcast will be there tomorrow afternoon, Wednesday 15 December 2021 starting at 16:00.

during this episode A kind of summary of the year will be released that is about to end. In this way we will have the opportunity to summarize the 2021 video game, and talk about the best games that will be released, in the company of Kafkania and the people. streamer LorenzoCubanFazio.


While living there will be drops of X-Box Series X at €499.98 and a set of PlayStation 5 Digital Edition from €649.98 which will include the console, Foreman DualSense Cosmic Red, 12-month subscription to PlayStation Plus and Sades headphones.

The links to watch during the live broadcast are the following:

The two links are already active, but only at the moment of the drop will you see the products you are looking for appear. So stay in touch with us on Telegram To be notified of the exact moment the drop will occur. Remember to activate notifications so you don’t miss the moment when the drop will happen!

We remind you of Subscribe to our Telegram channel dedicated to offers To keep up with the latest promotions and availability Play Station 5 H X-Box Series X. As We Made It Practical guide that can help you with the purchase.

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