Hercules: a fictionalized version of a Greek myth

Hercules: a fictionalized version of a Greek myth


13. April 2021 – 13:25 hour

The realm of the Greek gods meets the imagination

Hercules is an American television series based on the stories of the ancient Greek hero Heracles. In the American TV series, the Greek gods meet entertaining and not always serious entertainment. This turns ancient Greece into a world full of cool beings, dangerous monsters and vengeful gods within the series.

What is the topic of “Hercules”?

It tells the story of the hero named Hercules, son of the gods Zeus and a deadly natural mother. Hercules had superpowers and tried to use them forever in the series. He traveled with his best friend Iolaus, he traveled to the world of ancient Greece, but also to countries as far away as Egypt, where he had to prove himself in many difficult situations. In addition to his physical strength, it was his mind that often helped him. Despite winning many fights, the most dangerous opponent lurks in the background: the jealous stepmother, Hera. She never forgave her husband Zeus for his relationship with the mother of Hercules, and therefore tried again and again to plunge him into ruin.

The special thing about the series was the comedy and the trash elements, which found their way into all productions time and time again. This became evident, for example, through outdated elements, such as Iolaus as Bruce Lee, or in the overrepresentation of actors.

Who are the actors of “Hercules”?

Producer Sam Remy, who succeeded in bringing “Spider-Man” into the cinema after the series ended, has partnered with relatively little-known model Kevin Sorbo for the role of the Greek half-god. Michael Hurst took on the role of Iolas. The landscape of New Zealand was used as a backdrop for “Hercules”. Before half of the Greek deity ventured into a weekly series, five television films were made. With these, the producers wanted to know if the audience would be interested in an interesting interpretation of the Greek realm of the gods. RTL premiered the films in October 1994. Hercules was welcomed by both viewers in the United States and Germany, which paved the way for the series.

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When was “Hercules” produced?

From 1995 to 1999, a total of 111 episodes were produced in six seasons. In Germany, “Hercules” started from December 1995, tentatively on Friday evenings. The series later switched to the program on a Sunday afternoon. For a long time, “Hercules” was part of the “Hercules on Sunday” series, which was later joined by the “Hercules” subsidiary “Xena”.

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