Herby Röhrs organizes world tours for the Hemslingen Brass Band

Herby Röhrs organizes world tours for the Hemslingen Brass Band

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Herby Röhrs plans trips for musicians who have previously explored South Africa, Canada and New Zealand and also made music there. © Glashak

The Hemslingen Brass Band was already halfway around the world. She owes that to Herby Röhrs, who has been organizing tours for 20 years.

Hemslingen – Anyone who is a member of the Hemslingen Brass Band will eventually be able to avoid getting to know the world. Because when Herby Röhrs planned a trip to Brazil exactly 20 years ago that eventually transported 48 members of the brass band to South America, no one expected that a long-standing tradition of world tours would develop.

This year, however, the band is going on the road somewhat cautiously: It’s going to Scotland. Preparations are in full swing. The kitchen and small office in the Röhrs’ home resemble a travel agency. The former marching band treasurer is back at work. Since 2003 he has been planning trips for the brass band members. He has organized tours to New Zealand, South Africa and Canada. Between 40 and 50 travelers check in regularly. This strengthens the team spirit of amateur musicians and also increases the attractiveness of the brass band.

“I love planning these trips. When I started over 20 years ago, it was a crazy idea. We wanted to go to Brazil. In the meantime, I like to spend a good portion of my free time planning brass band trips.” Herbie Rohrs doesn’t make it easy on himself. .

He proudly says that every detail is carefully crafted. Travelers aren’t just away on vacation. It is especially important for them to have the opportunity to play music outside. Private and personal contacts are important for this.

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Rors gets excited when he talks about social evenings with local bands. “We are creating connections through music that traditional tourism does not.” This is why a guide is sought before each excursion, who at best has extensive local knowledge.

It’s not just about the sights, but also about the notable festivals and events. It is no coincidence that the 2023 trip to Scotland is scheduled so that musicians from the Rothenburg region can experience Edinburgh tattoos up close in August. The best Scottish musicians traditionally gather there and show off their skills to the best of their ability.

It takes a volunteer tour guide a few months to be satisfied with their preparations. He is just as demanding on the ride as on his own adventures, which he used to enjoy riding his motorbike. When all the important questions about accommodation, tours and shows are planned, he really puts his heart and soul into it. Then he invites you to an introductory meeting. “Then the details are discussed and all participants receive a detailed information booklet.” Many pages of information about the tour itself and about the country and its people are presented to everyone in binding form.

But I am very strict before leaving and receiving ID cards or passports. Someone always forgets his document.

The right mood is always taken care of. The plan for the preparatory meeting for the trip to Scotland at the end of March is to show the movie “Braveheart”. “That should make you want to go to Scotland. After all, there is still a long time before things finally get going.”

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Curiosity to descend is almost the order of the day. “But I am very strict before leaving and collecting identity cards or passports. Someone always forgets their document. I have experienced this before,” he added.

Roors has now completely finished planning this year’s trip. “Cheerful last evening in Edinburgh with a Scottish band” confirmed.

But Herbie Rowers doesn’t sit back and relax. His passion for traveling always keeps him busy in some way. “I am currently working on an information booklet. When we return I will review the materials we collected during our stay.”

He talks about the images and memories that arise during the days of travel. With that in mind, he created a photo book that all his fellow travelers could purchase at cost. In this way, the holiday will be remembered for a long time and serve as an incentive for the next round.

“Our flights are always very popular and seats are usually booked instantly,” he explains. He also points out that all passengers will, of course, have to bear their own costs. The brass band couldn’t help financially either. But in addition to the many recordings, this is another indication that Rohrs always hits the taste buds of his fellow musicians just right.

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