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HBO Max Season 3 Requests

In the two seasons so far, you can follow the love story of Jesse (Rose Matafio) and Tom (Nikesh Patel) on the British-American series Starstruck. HBO Max wants to see more of this and has ordered a third season, eh TVLine reports. In the UK you can watch the format on BBC One and in Germany on RTL+. So far we only have one season available.

Matavio is not only a leading actress, but also a serial maker and the following statement was ready: “Third? Clear. gladly. I’m really excited to bring back the talented cast for round three and I’m absolutely thrilled to be back in the director’s chair alongside my darling friend Alice Sneden, who I can’t get enough of.

Sarah Aubrey, Head of Original Content at HBO Max: “Rose has created a series that finds just the right mix of heart and humour. Starstruck is exactly the rom-com we love on HBO Max and we’re excited to see the Tom and Jessie story continue.

The first season of the comedy centers on a millennial girl named Rose (Rose Matafio, Dead Pixels), who is in her mid-twenties and works two low-paid jobs at the same time. Her existence was decimated when she one day met movie star Tom (Nikesh Patel, Indian Summers). But unfortunately tonight together is not without consequences…

By the end of the first season, Jesse decided to stay in London and pursue a real relationship with Tom instead of returning to New Zealand. The second season is about the many obstacles that this involves. Ben appears once again, Jesse’s ex-boyfriend. The new gig means Tom has to spend several months shooting in the US to get a movie.

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Other starring roles include Emma Seyde, Sindo Fee, Minnie Driver (Modern Love, Specials, About a Boy), Al Roberts, Jonathan Pointing (Plips), Joe Barnes, Nick Sampson (Brookenwood Mysteries), Lola Rose Maxwell, Abraham Bubola and Umbrian Razia ( Trigonometry), Nadia Parks (Spanish Princess) and Liz Kingsman (Parliament).

The series is written by Alice Sinden and Rose Matafio. Toby Welch is an executive producer.

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Finally, here is the trailer for the first season of the series.starstroke“:

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