Hardly any applicants for jobs on the other side of the world

Hardly any applicants for jobs on the other side of the world

The flightless kiwi pictured is the national bird of New Zealand. Photo: PantherMedia/Filip Fuxa

So far, only three applicants have applied for a national bird conservation assignment in a New Zealand national park. One possible reason: the supposed dream job is particularly suitable for “outdoor enthusiasts.”

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Working as a lifeguard and flying to work in a helicopter might sound appealing, but so far there has been limited interest in this supposed dream job in a remote location in New Zealand. So far, only three applicants have applied for the job of protecting New Zealand’s national bird, the flightless kiwi, at Mount Aspiring National Park, said Wayne Costello of the Nature Conservancy Authority in the small town of Haast.

Haast is surrounded by mountains and lies on the edge of Mount Aspiring National Park. Costello said the environment was “beautiful”. However, she is also “completely isolated”. The nearest supermarket is two hours away by car and the nearest hospital four hours away. Costello proclaimed that the area is just “an outdoor enthusiast’s dream world.”

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The position advertised involves leading a team charged with protecting biodiversity in the National Park. This includes patrolling the wonderful nature to ensure the welfare of the kiwis, penguins and lizards.

“The main focus of this post is saving New Zealand’s rarest kiwi species, Haste Kiwi,” Costello said. There are only 500 specimens of shy birds and they are not easy to spot in nature. Therefore, the future Haast-Kiwi officer has to use a motorboat from time to time and often a helicopter.

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Costello hasn’t given up hope of promising applications yet. Extended the application deadline by three weeks. “At the end of the day, you’re just looking for that special someone.”

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