Harald Schmidt responds to vaccination rumors

Harald Schmidt’s reaction to vaccination rumors – which is why he lost him from the “ship of dreams”

Television legend Harald Schmidt has played cruise director Oscar Schefferle in “Das Traumschiff” since 2008.Photo: dpa/Dirk Bartling

After the vaccination drama around Bayern Munich’s Joshua Kimmich and the current case about tennis player Novak Djokovic, who is now not allowed to take part in the Australian Open, cult director Harald Schmidt can now face professional problems too.

It is alleged, according to “Neuer Züricher Zeitung”, that Schmidt “was not vaccinated or cured”. However, the 2G rule applies to the filming of the ZDF series “Das Traumschiff”, in which the 64-year-old can be seen in the role of Oskar Schifferle. Accordingly, all passengers on the MS “Amedea” and MS “Artania” lines in Bremerhaven and Emden, where the shooting is taking place, must be vaccinated, or have recovered.

Harald Schmidt is not involved in the current “Traumschiff” filming either

So far, Schmidt has only described this as a “confirmation” and emphasized: “I am on the right and reasonable path to achieving 2G.” What this means, in turn, is questionable. Will he be vaccinated soon or is he expecting to catch Covid soon?

Speculation about the artist’s vaccination status, as well as the fact that he is not currently filming the Dream Ship, caused rumors about the “Dream Ship Ban”.

“We discussed it together at a beloved group in Bremerhaven in August.”

Harald Schmidt on break from filming “Das Traumschiff”

Our latitudes are ‘too recent’ for Schmidt

However, the latter is said to have been determined independently of his vaccination status, Schmidt said.picture“We discussed it together on a loving tour of Bremerhaven in August,” he explains. He explains:Of course, I’ll be back on board right away when it’s time to go to the warmer weather. South Seas, New Zealand and Singapore. Beloved ZDF knows that in our latitudes it is too new for me in white trousers. ”

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ZDF also confirmed to Bild’s request that Schmidt stopped filming for reasons of content only. A spokesperson for the station confirmed:

“Oscar Schmidt’s role in the script for ‘Das Traumschiff – Mauritius’ was not planned, so Harald Schmidt has not played in the episode that is currently being filmed. Harald Schmidt has not been in every episode of ‘Traumschiff’ in recent years.”

But Schmidt is still unvaccinated without a doubt, because cruise director Traumschiff does not want to reveal his actual vaccination status. says to the picture: “Really now, I’m going to tell ‘Bild.’ But data protection is very difficult…”.


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