Guirec Soude: “I had this dream for a long time inside of me: (...)

Guirec Soude: “I had this dream for a long time inside of me: (…)

Barely 30 years old, Guirec has already accumulated solid experience at sea and a great reputation in the maritime world andconspiracy

Athlete. The 21-year-old, young Britton is on a 5-year circumnavigation of the world by poles, spending a 130-day winter trapped in the unaided Greenland ice, without Telecommunications
, in complete self-sufficiency. He then spent several years sailing the world’s various seas and became the youngest sailor in the world to take the Northwest Passage, before reaching Cape Horn and Antarctica. In 2021, he embarks on a new challenge: a double crossing of the Atlantic by paddling alone, east to west, and then west to east, so far unaided. In total, Guirec would have spent over 670 days alone (or nearly) at sea during his ocean travels.

Why The Vende Globe?

Solo world tour, physically challenged by rowing across the Atlantic twice unassisted…what was he missing? The Speed
# Speed

“When I turned around with Yvinec after circling the Cape Horn, I swore to myself that I would one day return with a sailboat fast enough to tame huge, bloated trains in these frightful latitudes. I had this dream long in my heart: to take the start of the Vende Globe, this legendary race nicknamed the “Everest of the sea”, a circumnavigation of the globe Speed
# Speed
alone and without help, focus the feelings,” explains Guirec. is more than just a partner: a shared vision

By becoming its main sponsor, associates itself with the values ​​of freedom, self-realization, and a spiritconspiracy

that is dear to the group and that defines Guirec’s character. Collaboration with his new venture became clear when Sylvester Blavett, Chairman and CEO of the Group, met a young Breton:

“The values ​​of freedom, self-realization, and adventurous spirit that Guirec embodies are perfectly aligned with’s mission. We are proud to offer all of our employees, clients, partners, and entrepreneurs a project like them: human, bold, and rich with experience.”

For Guirec Soude: “I am proud to represent the communities of the self-employed, SMEs and start-ups who, like me, dare to take an adventure. I am a freelance adventurer. I know the challenges of an entrepreneur, because I am one of them. I also know that in any ambitious project, it is essential Being able to count on strong partners. From now on I will also benefit from’s expertise.”

Learn, advance and master

Guirec Soude does not come from the classic background of the big names in marine racing, which he has never practiced in competition. However, his formidable experience at sea alone at times in difficult and critical conditions, his courage, unwavering mental strength and positive attitude in all circumstances were great assets in the success of his earlier challenges.

While humbly dealing with the daunting challenges that await him, Guirec will be able to count on his great knowledge and confidence of the marine environment. By sailing the old fashioned way, without weather and without Telecommunications
formulated the essential qualities of marine races: understanding and reading the elements.

A competitor at heart, Guirec has experience at sea, extreme latitudes and isolation, 3 essential assets to ocean racing. However, he is well aware of the steps to ascent:

“The first year, I have to learn how to deal with this IMOCA
. It’s a complicated year, because there are only individual races with a monument, La ram road
ram road
– Destination Guadeloupe the end. The second in 2023, we will try to control and improve my performance in line with the performance of the boat. Third, I must be in complete control of for the Vende Globe.”

To do this, Guirec Soude set out to build an experienced team, with Sbastien Audigane in particular as boat captain currently preparing the Port-Bourgenay at Eole Performance, and Benjamin Dutreux hull. After the Guaidar Bermuda 1000 in May, the team will be settling into the Kairos sailing team, Finisterre’s seasoned Roland-Jordan Concarneau chassis.

The coming months, marked by sailing and first races in this category, will enable him to take on his new broker

Program 2022

Guirec in a few characters and dates

  • + 60,000 solo miles at a 29 year old
  • + 670 days of solo sailing
  • 21 years old: Crosses the Atlantic Ocean alone and without assistance
  • 23 years: 130-day winter in Greenland ice in complete self-sufficiency
  • 24 years old: became the world’s youngest sailor to cross the perilous Northwest Passage
  • 25 Years: Crossing the Pacific Ocean from North to South
  • 26 years old: the passage of Cape Horn. undergoes a reversal in the fiftiesbe. go up at 3
  • across the Atlantic
  • 28 years: Crosses the Atlantic by train from east to west without assistance in 74 days
  • 29 years: Crosses the North Atlantic from west to east unassisted in 107 days

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