Grenoble-Aurillac : Christa Powell, l’éclosion au bon moment

Grenoble-Aurillac: Christa Powell, hatch in time

Seven matches, two attempts already scored and a good card to play at the start of the final third of the tournament. At 25, Krista Powell may have waited a little longer than others to find a spot in Cantal’s rotation.

Compared to Waisea when he arrived at Stade Français

But while Rhema Sagote won’t be available for the next three months (ankle), the Fijian Center is the preferred choice for the number one position.

Motoc and Tsutskiridze holders with Aurillac and Capuozzo back in Grenoble starting XV

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“It’s the same as Rhema,” confirms Roméo Gontinéac, who launched the player into the Espoirs and helped shape a boy who arrived in Europe with a good reputation.

When the center joined the Stade Français training center, the Ile-de-France club presented it as a Waisea in preparation. And if he doesn’t follow in the footsteps of future Toulonnais, Aurillacois could take the path the New Zealander is taking this time around.

It is difficult for a man to offer Christa Powell in collecting and collectively defending information.

Before Colomier, last week, Powell showed by no means that his presence was not a usurper. The ball is in hand, and three quarters did not hesitate to take the risk in the Haut-Garonne line.

Defense and player progress meter

And if the breakthrough did not happen, against a dense team, he was able to put Colomier on the back foot, like a huge offensive tackle in the second half.

Moreover, defense appears as a measure of the progress of Cantalín, who paid dearly for his lack of focus during his fourth spell in Pro D2, last year, in Valencia in logical red. Since then, Powell has cleaned up his game.

Anatomy of the strengths and weaknesses of Grenoble by FCG-Aurillac

“I’ve known him for a long time, he’s always been a good one-on-one defender, but he’s been less efficient in collective defense. Today he’s reached a milestone, he takes a lot of information and he’s also refined his man defense as he’s been able to bend a little bit more, Not taking penalties.

“He’s the player of the future and he’s starting to reassure us in the middle of the field,” continues the former international in Three Quarters.

Used primarily overseas since his debut in Pro D2, Christa Powell has 15 matches at this level.

A technique that allows for something other than pure frontal

Powell is not an isolated case. Like him, Théo Lachaud and Théo Cambon – “And the others are not on the team tonight” He said Roméo Gontinéac – They have shown this season that they have taken a step forward.

To the point of alignment in contexts where they not only make up for injuries or gain experience here or there, but in meetings that Aurillac clearly targeted. Grenoble, tonight, one of them.

A year ago, almost until that day, the Fijians were off the bench at the Stade des Alpes and came back in the last 25 minutes when Aurillac didn’t have much to play.

The Four Points to Remember from Aurillac’s Victory over Colomiers (12-10)

This year, he started his matches systematically, to the point of opening the professional attempt counter (Mont-de-Marsan, Oyonax). Far from the pace given to him by two of his starts over the past two days, Powell has gained in benchmarks.

It is enough to exploit an individual style that allows him not to be limited to pure front play, but to add the possibility of playing after contact by ensuring the continuity of the game without going through the ground.

Against Grenoble, Krista Powell will test her third term in a row. He will form a complementary duo with Yobo, with whom he has already played this season, at the Nevers and against the Colomiers.

complementary pair and signs

Above all, unlike the match at Bourg-en-Bresse, where Sagote was linked to pair XXL, the young player continues with Jimmy Yobo as a pair, in the structure and distribution of roles where the stadium collectively has more cues in the match.

Against a struggling FCG side in Agen’s central district, where Ramoka caused misery to Isère’s defense, Aurillacois held the keys to playing this record and set his people on a path to success.

Aurillac beat Colomier (12-10): “We controlled a team at the top of the table”

Following the path that Sagote followed, not so long ago against the Béziers and definitively following his path with the club which made him turn professional, on the orders of a coach who, by his own admission, was one of the most important people in his young career.

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Text: Jean Paul Coda
Photos: Jeremiah Fullringer

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